Are You Watering The Plants In a Right Way?

Are You Watering The Plants In a Right Way?

Plants are living creatures. Like humans requires water and food to live, plants also need water and food for growth. Water is essential for the growth of plants. Watering the plant daily and appropriately is especially important.


Most people know that too little water can kill a plant, but it is surprising to find out that too much water for a plant can kill it too. The signs of plants affected by too much water are quite similar to plants that have too little water.

Signs for over watered plants:

1– Lower leaves are yellow
2– Flowers become mouldy
3– Plant looks wilted
4– Roots will be rotting or stunted
5– No new growth
6– Young leaves will turn brown
7– Soil will appear green (which is algae)

The reason for plants affected by too much water is that plants need to breathe. The plants breathe through their roots, and when there is too much water, the roots cannot take in gases. It slowly suffocates the plants, and the plant can die.

The problem of over watering arises when the owner is too attentive to their plants or weak drainage problem. Water the plants only when they need it. Feel the top of the soil. If the ground is damp, the plant does not need more water. Water only when the soil surface is dry.

Check for the drainage system. If the problem persists correctly the issue as soon as possible. Plants can be saved and do grow if you have over watered it, provided preventive measure are taken at the proper time.

During the rainy season, care has to be taken that plants are not exposed to continuous rain. Intermittent rain waterproofs to be beneficial for plants. In the case of continuous rains, shade the plants to avoid damage. While in summers, there is a need to water plants twice a day. It depends on the climate about how much to water.

Care for your plants as you care for your loved ones. Always remember too much of anything is not okay for anyone, not even plants.

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