How can you support the environment by Growing a Plant?

How can you support the environment by Growing a Plant?


The current scenario of the global atmosphere has led to increased global warming, depletion of the ozone layer and increased exposure to sun’s harmful rays. Planting can possibly be the best alternative for protecting the environment and making a sustainable future for the generations to come.

How can planting benefit the environment?
There are many benefits of planting trees for a sustainable environment:

  • Cleaner air:

With more number of trees grown and planted in your area, the chances of breathing cleaner air increases tremendously. This initiative should be taken by people of all ages.

  • Conserving the natural habitat of animals:

  • With the increasing activity of deforestation, the natural habitat of animals gets destroyed, leaving many species on the verge of extinction. Hence, planting more can help save animals.

Effective shading:


  • With more plants and trees put up in your area, the temperature becomes cool with tree shading. This is turn helps keeps the atmosphere cool.Planting will help the people globally and is an important activity recognizing concern all around. Many organizations and individuals have also started taking initiative of plant on ‘world plant days’ to promote the cause.
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