Alocasia Hybrid – Plant

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Alocasia Hybrid (Small) Plant
4 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

Description for Alocasia Hybrid

Plant height: 4 – 7 inches
Plant spread: 4 – 8 inches

Elephant ear plants (Alocasia spp.) received their common name because their leaves look like green renditions of elephants ears. The plants can be kept indoors as house plants or grown outdoors.
The Elephant Ear plant is a Herbaceous Perennial, meaning that they grow from non-woody stems and will re-bloom each year.

Common name(s): Elephants ear
Flower colours: Creamy white
Bloom time: Rarely flowers
Max reachable height: 2 to 6 feet
Difficulty to grow: Easy

Planting and care

Best in part shade or filtered sun in moist, organically rich soils. Plant in locations protected from strong winds after last frost date. Rhizomes/tuberous roots may be started indoors in pots or containers. After last frost date, pots may be sunk to the rim in the garden and containers may be set out on the patio.

Sunlight: Bright light, but no direct sunlight and shaded for a good part of the day in the summer, if it’s warm and humid enough.
Soil: Use a fast draining peat based potting mix.
Water: Water a little but often – keeping the soil moist at all times. Water much less during winter.
Temperature: approximately 65 to 75 degrees F (18 to 24 degrees C )
Fertilizer: Feed with a diluted balanced fertilizer from spring every 2 weeks and stop at the end of August then start again at the beginning of spring.

Caring for Alocasia Hybrid

  • If elephant ear plants are starving for sunlight, their growth becomes stunted and their leaves may turn a bit pale or yellow. If that happens to container-grown elephant ears, move them to a better-lit area.
  • Too much sunlight, on the other hand, can burn the plants leaves. Adjust your garden accordingly, either by moving the elephant ears or providing them some shade from a tree or other structure.
  • Watch for spider mites.



Typical uses of Alocasia Hybrid

Special features: These are usually propagated by dividing the plant when it’s being re-potted in spring.

Culinary use: NA

Ornamental use: These are tropical plants of the Arum family that are treasured for their decorative leaves.

Medicinal use: NA


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