Chlorophytum, Spider Plant (Hanging Basket) – Plant

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This pack contains Spider plant potted in a hanging pot.


  • You will get a spider plant potted in a hanging pot in a single pack.
  • Hanging baskets add visual impact by bringing plants up to eye level.
  • Hanging baskets are moveable and add interest in unexpected places.
  • Spider plant is excellent air purifier plant.

Combo Constituents

SrNo Item name Qty
1 Chlorophytum, Spider Plant – Plant 3
2 7.1 inch (18 cm)  Hanging Plastic Pot (Black) 1

Special Feature

Spider plants are an essential part of any hanging plant collection. Their variegated leaves and graceful, fountain-like growing habit add beautiful contrast and texture when grouped with other house plants. Pot them into simple baskets, provide them with ample water and food, and within a few months, you should be rewarded with a full display.
Hanging baskets are a great way of creating a tidy, clean and professional looking outdoor area, whether it is for your own back garden or the entrance of an office. Hanging baskets can bring a sense of serenity and beauty to your environment.


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