Top 3 Herbs for Healthy Homes

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This pack contains 3 herb plants + 3 pots. Keep these herbs around you for clean air and stay healthy.


Product Description


Plants are the best companion of human beings. They are the source of food we eat, clothes we wear but most importantly plants are the ultimate source of oxygen that we breath.
Plants also possess medicinal properties that can be used to treat different ailments. Keeping herbs in garden imparts a medicinal yet beautiful look to any garden. Especially Herbs make a delicate yet beautiful addition to any garden.

Herbs can be placed on window sills, balcony or any location that receives bright light. These plants also purify the air around you keeping you healthy. Herbs are easy to grow plants and require minimum care. Their structured and herbaceous look will surely bring a smile on your face.

This pack contains

Name Price Quantity
Bryophyllum, Panfuti – Plant 399 1 Details
Lemon Grass – Plant 449 1 Details
Aloe vera – Succulent Plant 299 1 Details
5 inch Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black) 120 3

Benefits of this pack

  • You get 3 herb plant + 3 pots in a single pack.
  • Plants in this pack require low maintenance.
  • Plants in this pack can be placed indoors on bright light location.


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