Traditional Modular Seed Compost 75 L


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Traditional Modular Seed Compost 75 L

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Traditional Modular Seed Compost  Pack sizes:  75 litres

Traditional compost for seed sowing, cuttings and transplants

Produced from graded Irish Moss Peat harvested from our own peat mire and blended at our own plant in County Kildare, Ireland.
The peat is medium age, light brown in colour and provides excellent aeration and water holding capacity.
Vitax Grower Composts are supplied with sufficient nutrients for 4 – 6 weeks.  After this period it is recommended that Vitafeed NPK+Mg+TE fertilisers are applied.

Peat Grade:            100% 0 – 5mm
Added fertiliser:      7-21-21+4MgO+TE
Added lime:            3.5kg/m³


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